Elektron Releases Digitakt 1.08, Adds Master Compressor

The Digitakt 1.08 update from Elektron adds a master compressor, side-chain compression capabilities, workflow improvements and some nifty bug fixes. Here's the compressor in action and more details.  

Elektron just gave Digitakt a useful new update. While we're still waiting for full Overbridge support the Digitakt just got a master compressor: we're talking side-chain capabilities, some other new useful features and a couple of nice bug fixes.

The compressor is a master effect and does everything you'd expect a compressor to do, including a nifty side-chain feature. Check the manual for full details!

Listen to the compressor in action at https://soundcloud.com/elektron/sets/digitakt-compressor...

Changes from Digitakt OS 1.07 to 1.08 Improvements

  • Master compressor added.
  • The name of the sample loaded to a track is displayed when you press and hold [SRC] or if you are in GRID RECORDING mode and press a trig with a sample lock.
  • Screensaver mode is implemented. If there is no interaction with the Digitakt for some time, then the screen intensity is automatically lowered.
  • When you add a retrig, the first up/down-arrow press now only engages the retrig on/off (and does not change RATE) on the first press.
Digitakt 1.08 compressor

Digitakt 1.08 compressor.

Digitakt Bug fixes

  • When you load a Sound to the Sound Pool, its associated sample was not loaded to the RAM, if the original sample slot was not empty in the active project.
  • The last entry in the sample list was empty when viewing RAM in the Sample Manager.
  • Parameter locks on lock trigs are applied additively, but only the parameter locks from the latest lock trig were reset by the following note trig.
  • BPM was sometimes displayed with two decimals instead of one. Press-and-hold encoder turn sometimes resulted in reverse-turn on release. 

Download the update for Digitakt 1.08 here: https://www.elektron.se/support/?connection=digitakt#resources

Learn more about Elektron Digitakt here: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=course/2533/digitakt-drums-explored 

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