Doepfer Announces Dark Energy III, Monophonic, Analog Synth

Dark Energy III is a standalone, monophonic, analog synthesizer from Doepfer. And as its name suggests is the successor to the popular version 2 with improvements.

NAMM 2018 is upon us and Doepfer want us to celebrate with a new version of ther Dark Energy mono, stnadalone synthesizer. Dark Energy III has an improved VCO (no warm-up period, additional triangle waveform, wider frequency range), resettable LFOs, improved ADSR and a lot of internal access points for DIYers. The favored filter of the Dark Energy II has been unchanged. 

Here's the official details from Doepfer:

Dark Energy III is a monophonic stand-alone synthesizer with USB and Midi interface. The sound generation and all modulation sources are 100% analog, only the USB/Midi interface contains digital components. It is built into a rugged black metal case with wooden side plates. High quality potentiometers with metal shafts are used and each potentiometer is fixed to the case (no wobbly shafts and knobs):

  •  VCO:
    o Triangle based, 10 octaves frequency range
    o Tune control and Octave switch – 1 / 0 / +1 octave
    o FM input with selectable source (ADSR / off / LFO1)
    o Manual PW control and PWM with selectable source (ADSR / off / LFO2) for rectangle wave o Waveform switch
    o Additional external CV inputs for frequency and pulsewidth of the rectangle

  •  VCF:
    o 12dB Multimode VCF with continuous mode control (lowpass – notch – highpass - bandpass) o Manual Frequency control and FM with selectable source (ADSR / off / LFO2)
    o Resonance control, up to self oscillation
    o Additional external CV and external audio input

  •  VCA:
    o Linear control scale
    o Manual Amplitude control and AM with selectable source (ADSR / off / LFO1) o Additional external CV input

  •  Envelope:
    o Improved ADSR type with 3-position range switch o Additional external gate input
    o Control LED

  •  LFO:
    o Two resettable LFOs (external Reset inputs)
    o manual frequency control and 3-position range switches o Waveform switches triangle/square
    o LED controls

    Lots of internal access points for DIY applications or modification of the socket functions (e.g. VCO outputs triangle, sawtooth, rectangle, hardsync, softsync, linear FM, VCF outputs L/H/B, ADSR output and A/D/S/R CV inputs, LFO outputs triangle and square).

Although there isn't a listed price on the Doepfer website for Dark Energy III, the previous DE II was €449. We'd expect this new synth to be approximately the same price.

Price: TBA



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