Bitwig Spectral Suite Now Included in Bitwig Studio 4.4

Spectral Suite is now part of Bitwig Studio 4.4, which is out today and available to anyone with a current Upgrade Plan.

Berlin, Germany | October 11, 2022

Spectral Suite is now part of Bitwig Studio 4.4, which is out today and available to anyone with a current Upgrade Plan.

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Spectral Suite Devices

The Spectral Suite audio FX are tools for new sonic exploration. Each device focuses on a different musical element (like loudness, harmonic content, transients, frequency), and then gives you individual controls for those different aspects of a sound. Where you need detailed mix tweaks or creative sonic ruptures, this work is now possible within each sound.

Spectral Suite works in the frequency domain, which separates the incoming sound into hundreds of frequency bands for analysis. Each moment of a sound isn't simply loud or quiet, for example, because there are always frequencies that are loud and those that are quiet. Bitwig does the math and then groups related signals into "channels". From there, you mix the channels as you normally would: adjust the volume, move the panning, or insert any Bitwig devices or VST/CLAP plug-ins.

All four devices have an identical structure for each of their channels, and the same output section (with Pre FX and Post FX chains, as well as a Mix control for blending dry signal back in). 

What makes each device unique are the musical/sound qualities it gives you access to.

Transient Split
Transient Split divides percussive transients from tonal sounds. Stuttering only the drum hits in a full music loop might be nice. Or separating instruments from percussion allows you to mix the way you want to.

Transient Split

Freq Split 
This device distributes a sound across four channels, like a set of filter banks. With random delay times and panning on each channel, we've got a spectral delay. Or use Bitwig's modulators to shuffle thru a different effect on each channel for a new kind of phaser.

Freq Split

Loud Split 
Loud Split separates the quiet, mid, and loud elements within a sound. Cranking up the softest parts of a sound will instantly transform it. Or let a thin section of the sound ring out without breaking the mix.

Loud Split

Harmonic Split 
Harmonic Split spreads harmonics into two groups, and collects non-harmonics into a third channel. We could isolate the fundamental frequency and give everything else some distance. Or maybe distorting the even harmonics and adding chorus to the odds is the new cool thing?

Harmonic Split


Outer Spectra Sound Package

Harness the power of sophisticated spectral analysis with Outer Spectra, the accompanying sound package to Bitwig's Spectral Suite. It includes over 70 audio FX presets for Freq Split, Harmonic Split, Loud Split and Transient Split, which can be loaded as audio FX or (in some cases) as synths with spectral devices in the FX slots.

What you put into a spectral analyzer goes a long way in determining what you'll get out of it, so you'll also find 75 clips and 57 audio files that correspond to Outer Spectra's audio processors. This ready-made audio content covers a broad range of musical styles, from heavy techno to live instrumental loops, basslines, pads and beats. Load the presets with their corresponding clips to get a sense of what each one does and what Bitwig's spectral devices are capable of, whether that's sound design-related or mixing tasks, like widening the stereo field or reducing reverb.


Bitwig Studio 4.4  is out now for you download the demo or trial from the Bitwig website.

Try Spectral Suite by downloading the Spectral Suite Demo Project and opening it up (with Bitwig Studio v4.3.9 or later). 


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