Antares Releases Auto-Tune Pro X 10.1

Auto–Tune Pro X is now even faster with new ARA2 support for Logic Pro and Studio One.

Santa Cruz, CA - Antares Audio Technologies, creators of Auto-Tune® and the industry standard for vocal production software, today announced an important update of its flagship edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Pro X 10.1. This powerful new update provides ARA2 support for Logic Pro and Studio One DAWs to simplify and speed up data throughput between DAW and plug-ins for vastly improved workflow.

ARA2 Overview

ARA2 is the latest iteration of Audio Random AccessTM, the pioneering extension for audio plug-ins and DAWs. ARA2 brings the DAW and the plug-in closer together to greatly increase the amount of communication between the two environments. With ARA2, the DAW integrates with a plug-in in a more targeted, effective manner. Crucial session information like audio data, tempo, pitch, and rhythm are exchanged instantly between the plug-in and DAW for improved workflow and ease-of-use under ARA2.

ARA2 improves efficiency by removing the need for working audio files to be transferred to the plug-in for analysis first; users simply move throughout the track timeline right inside the plug-in. Additionally, ARA2 saves a huge amount of time by instantly populating the Graph Mode with the track information instead of having to wait for the plug-in to collect all the information.

With expanded ARA2 support, Auto-Tune Pro X seamlessly integrates with select DAWs (currently Logic Pro and Studio One with more in future updates) for the faster, less complicated workflow that every songwriter, producer, or mixing engineer seeks.

Steve Berkley, CEO of Antares Audio Technologies, says, “We are thrilled to keep delivering meaningful new features like ARA2 support to our users, improving their workflows and adding new capabilities. ARA2 is a game-changer and we know this new feature will delight our users by speeding up workflows in our flagship Auto-Tune Pro X’s Graph Mode.”

About Auto-Tune Pro X

Auto-Tune Pro X is the most recent edition of Auto-Tune Pro. It provides best-in-class tuning, an efficient workflow, and a range of innovative next-gen options for the modern musician, vocalist, producer, and mixing engineer. Auto-Tune Pro X also includes all of the iconic features of the original Auto-Tune and delivers industry-standard pitch correction with fully adjustable Retune Speed, Flex-Tune, and Humanize parameters. The improved Graph Mode provides extremely precise pitch correction capabilities while Auto Mode delivers powerfully easy real-time editing.


Key Auto-Tune Pro X Upgrades:

  • Enhanced Graph Mode
  • Apple Silicon Native Compatibility
  • Artists Presets and Presets Manager
  • Multi-View Editing
  • Redesigned User Interface

ARA2 support for Logic Pro and Studio One is included as a free update for both perpetual license owners and Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers.


  • Available with a subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99/mo or $174.99/year (equivalent to $14.58/mo if paid annually). A free 14-day trial to Auto-Tune Unlimited is available to everyone, regardless of previous trials or subscriptions.

  • Perpetual license: $459.00. Includes one free year of Auto-Tune Unlimited.

    Download Free Trial of Auto-Tune Pro X

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