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Apple Releases Logic Pro 10.8.1 With Bug Fixes

It's time to go to the App Store and hit that Update button! Apple just released Logic 10.8.1 today. No new features, but many bug fixes.

Best Black Friday Deals for Musicians (2023)

Black Friday is the best time to get super good deals on music software and hardware. Here's our Black Friday promo roundup for 2023!

Teenage Engineering Releases EP-133 K.O. II: Pocket-Operator Gone PRO!

EP-133 K.O. II is a powerful sampler, sequencer and composer based on the legendary po-33 k.o.! Go from idea to track quicker than you've ever imagined. It's pocket operator gone pro.

Chase Bliss Introduces LOSSY: a collaboration with Goodhertz

After teasing for a few days, Chase Bliss has released their new pedal, LOSSY.

Modalics Releases “MINDst Drums” - Highly Detailed Sampled Drum Kit and Sampler Engine

Modalics established themselves as MIDI manipulation wizards with the acclaimed releases of Beat Scholar and EON-Arp. Now, they venture into new territory with MINDst Drums.

Wrongtools Fjordheim Drums Available for Pre-order

Wrongtools Fjordheim Drums is a Rogers Holiday 1968 set for Kontakt, recorded through a collection of vintage mic and ribbons, Neve and Trident preamps.

UAD LUNA is now free for all Mac users

The UAD LUNA Digital Audio Workstation is now free for all Mac users. No UAD hardware required.

Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos

Performed by 10 of London’s top film and TV session Cellists, Abbey Road Orchestra: Cellos is a sterling cello sound that encompasses Spitfire Audio’s cutting-edge sampling technology.

FL Studio 21.2 Out Now | Save on all editions and upgrades

FL Studio 21.2 is out and Image-Line are running a Black Friday promo so even more people can jump on-board FL Studio and create their best music!

Introducing Logic Pro 10.8

With new plugins, new tools, and new features and enhancements, Logic Pro 10.8 sets the stage for the DAW's electrifying future.

IK Multimedia Celebrates 20,000 Tone Models on ToneNET

IK Multimedia Celebrates 20,000 Tone Models on ToneNET with a massive giveaway of guitar recording gear and software for 20 lucky contributors to the success.

Cubase 13 is Out Now!

Cubase 13 is here with new, advanced features and workflow enhancements for composing, producing and mixing. Upgrade price available.

EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator: Create Scores in Seconds

EastWest's Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is here!

Arturia Launches AudioFuse 16Rig

AudioFuse 16Rig is a high-density audio & MIDI interface primed for connecting an entire synth studio, complex live audio routing, advanced DAW recording, and beyond.

Bitwig Studio 5.1: 10 New Characters

Bitwig Studio 5.1 introduces 10 new modules — four filters and six waveshapers — with 10 different sonic personalities.