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Essential DJ Health Tips That'll Help You Extend Your Career (Really!)

Is DJing bad for your health? Well, as it turns out, it CAN be.

Rhodes announces V8 & V8 Pro virtual instrument plugins

Rhodes introduces their first official software instrument: the Rhodes V8. You can try this deeply multi-sampled version of the acclaimed MK8 out for 45 days free.

Originals Rare Flutes

Spitfire's Originals makes rare instruments accessible and affordable to everyone. Originals Rare Flutes includes 8 sampled flutes from around the world, performed by renowned flautist, Andy Findo.

Arturia introduces MiniFreak V Standalone Virtual Instrument

Arturia's MiniFreak V merges digital and virtual analog elements to create unique modulation, sequencing, and effects. Now available at an introductory price!

Is Electronic Music Bad for You?

Is electronic music bad for your health? Well, it's a question that has been keeping scientists up at night (or at least until 4am, when they finally give in and go to a club).

Mixing applications for iZotope RX

Often thought of as a post-production or mastering tool, iZotope RX can actually open up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating and mixing music. Joe Albano explores its powerful features.

Pitch Drift: A Gift from Baby Audio

Baby Audio released a freebie every year since forming the company, each as a single-purpose tool derived from one of our premium plugins. This year, they introduce Pitch Drift.

Cicada — an ‘Acoustic Synthesizer’ that Transforms Electronic Signals Into Physical Vibrations

Physical Synthesis works with US-based Electro Distro’s growing global distribution network to bring game-changing Cicada ‘acoustic synthesizer’ to wider audience.

Bitwig and Orchestral Tools Present: Orchestral Woodwinds

Here's a free sound package from Bitwig and Orchestral Tools. It's called Orchestral Woodwinds, and it brings the sounds of a modern orchestra into Bitwig Studio.

Free update to owners of SSO Woodwind and SSO Brass

Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra gives you the tools to create blockbuster symphonic works in a single package. This new update features Solo Flute and Solo Trumpet Total Performance patches.

ADAM Audio A7Vs Review

ADAM Audio A7Vs might just be the best monitor speakers out there... and you can create tuning profiles using A-Control and Sonarworks.

Review – EastWest Forbidden Planet

This 54 GB hybrid sampled synth collection aims to give you the ultimate modern scoring tools right out of the box. But does it deliver?

SPITFIRE Lea Bertucci - Xtended Vox Sample Library

The human voice as you’ve never heard it before: From visceral vocalisations to otherworldly cinematic textures.

FL STUDIO 21 Out Now! What's New???

With over 24 years of continuous development FL STUDIO has become the 'fastest way from your brain to your speakers' for many of the world's top DJs and producers. Version 21 is now available.

Review – EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition

One of the best-loved virtual orchestras on the market gets a brand new player and a ton of new content. Could this be the only orchestral collection you ever need?