Drew Betts

Drew Betts

The story goes that he began making music circa the year 2502, and was temporarily beamed back in time to show us mere humans how to mangle audio using Ableton Live. He creates unique fusions of heavily edited glitch-hop beats, realtime sax solos and an EWI electronic explorations. His live shows (though no one really knows if he IS alive) expand the elastic envelope of possibilities using Ableton Live's looper technology, real time glitch effects, and controllerism with MIDI devices like the Akai APC40 and MPD32. Vespers says, "The future is wow!"

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Ableton Live Drum Racks - A Guide to Making Phatter Beats

Percussion is the foundation of any good tune and Drum Racks (in Ableton Live) are the most powerful way to create phat beats. For years I experimented with various ways of making beats, but never get