Suddi Raval

Suddi Raval

Suddi Raval has been working in the music industry for over 30 years, with his roots in the legendary Hacienda nightclub, having co-wrote and produced one of the most iconic tracks in the club’s history, Hardcore Uproar. His band Together are the only act to have ever performed live at the infamous Blackburn Acid House parties. He was Audio Manager for Warner Brothers where he led on the sound tracks and sound design for over a hundred video games including Star Wars: A Force Awakens and Lord Of the Rings amongst many more. (Photo credit: Paul Husband) More recently, he wrote A Brief History Of Acid House and speaks regularly at Universities and conferences. He continues to produce new Acid House music and performs live regularly including support slots alongside Acid House creator DJ Pierre and Phuture. He is currently a lecturer at The Brit School in London where he teaches Music Technology.

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