Ruari Galbraith

Ruari Galbraith

Ruari Galbraith - Ruari lives in the North East of England & started his electronic journey with a small set up consisting of an Akai S1100 & Logic 5 on a pc. He has since gained over a decade of experience working with synthesizers, music software & recording technology. Throughout his diverse career he has been lucky enough to work with a wide range of artists & producers, both as a musician & behind the mixing desk. He also designs patches for various instruments including NI Massive, ES2 & Sculpture as well as creating soundsets for the mighty Access Virus - he'll happily tweak knobs all day if he can get away with it. Ruari is a certified Logic Master Pro.

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Review: Access Virus OS 5.0

The Access Virus can be found in pro studio worldwide. A truly versatile tool, it never stands still long. Ruari Galbraith puts its latest OS 5 beta to the test in this in-depth review.

Logic Pro: Controlling Multiple Channel Strip Parameters

What separates Logic Pro from Pro Tools and other traditional DAWs? Not just its high quality instruments and effects, but also the power in its Environment. Ruari Galbraith gets environmental.

NI Battery 3: Quickly Create Custom Convolution Reverbs

Check out how to quickly and imaginatively create your own custom convolution reverbs in Native Instruments' Battery with Ruari Galbraith!