Oliver Greschke

Oliver Greschke

Oliver Greschke was born in 1970 near Stuttgart. At the age of 16 he started playing guitar in punk bands and made his first computer programming experiences in Basic. While he was studying Sociology in Mannheim, he got excited by electronic music and finished his study with a thesis about Techno. He also started to produce music under the moniker "Magnum 38“ and released on Berlin's "Shitkatapult“ label, where he moved to in 2001. Beside making music Oliver Greschke has always worked as a programmer, since 2013, for the iOS eco system. In 2014 he released the Elastic Drums app, which has been a great success. In 2016 he started the music app label "MoMinstruments“ together with German Electronic legends, Mouse on Mars. Twitter: https://twitter.com/elasticdrums Web: http://mominstruments.com

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