Liam Lacey

Liam Lacey

Liam is the Head Of Development specialising in software development at Modal Electronics, the company behind the 002, 008, CRAFT and SKULPT synthesisers, and was previously the lead software developer at nu desine, the developers of the AlphaSphere MIDI controllers. He was also an Associate Lecturer at UWE, Bristol, UK where he graduated in 2010 with a First Class Honours BSc degree in Audio and Music Technology. Liam takes part in many music tech hackathons around the world, has been involved in the creation of two Impact Soundworks Kontakt Instruments, and has presented a couple of papers at the annual New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference. As a developer he mainly specializes in C/C++, JUCE, Raspberry Pi, and Teensy/Arduino, though on top of all of that Liam is also a guitarist, musician, composer and producer, primarily using Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

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