Dave Mech

Dave Mech

With a background of playing flamenco guitar, bass guitar and drums at young age, Dave Mech has always been creating and exploring music. He attended the music-academy where he studied music production while playing in various bands with which he toured through The Netherlands. After graduating he started focusing on techno productions. By using field recordings, extensive sampling techniques and synthesis he creates his own sound which he showcases in his hardware live performances. He also runs a vlog about his music related activities on his YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/davemech).

Articles by Dave Mech

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Video Review: Elektron Model:Samples

This groovebox and drum machine is the most affordable hardware Elektron has ever made. But what can it do? Dave Mech shows you in this video review...

Review: Elektron Overbridge 2

With Overbridge 2, Elektron takes a giant leap into perfecting a solid hybrid workflow. Dave Mech goes in-depth to show you everything it can do.

Elektron Digitakt: Cooking Up A Kick Drum

Join Dave Mech as he uses everyday tools to create a cool kick drum sound using Elektron's Digitakt sampling drum machine.