Chris McCoy

Chris McCoy

Chris McCoy (aka Selfdude) is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist who has been performing live (exclusively for free) across the United States for over twenty five years. Currently specializing in vocal performance, guitar, piano, and trumpet; Chris has been mixing and recording for just under two years. He runs a small project studio where he records music that is so underground, no one listens to it. He is the founder and only current member of the one man band The Grammar Police ( Described as unconventional, his production style embraces live grooves, loose mixes, and spontaneously created melodies, lyrics, and chord structures. Chris has no plans or expectations to ever be paid for his music. He currently resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with his wife and two cats.

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Being Impulsive with White Noise in Cubase

REVerence, in Cubase, is a convolution reverb unit used to create realistic spacial effects. Chris McCoy shows how to create custom impulse responses by making some white noise.