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Waves Brings Back Perpetual Licenses

A few days ago, Waves caused quite a stir when they announced that their plugins would only be accessible through a subscription plan, but today they have reversed their decision.

All FabFilter plugins updated with AAX Apple Silicon support, interface scaling and more

FabFilter has announced its latest update, introducing AAX support for Apple Silicon, interface scaling and more...

Unlock the Power of Granulator II: Learn to Create Mind-Bending Sounds with Thavius Beck

Discover the limitless potential of Granulator II, the powerful Max for Live device. Join Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck in his course and learn how to create lush soundscapes.

Audio Damage Introduces Replicant 3

Audio Damage has announced the release of Replicant 3, a complete revamp of one of their most popular products.

Spectrasonic Unveils Twisted Trees, a New Sonic Expansion for Omnisphere

Renowned composer, sound designer, and performer Diego Stocco has created Twisted Trees, an intense sonic world built from wood, perfect for dark cinematic production.

Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion

Spitfire Audio's Abbey Road Orchestra: High Percussion is a collection of 62 percussive instruments expertly recorded in one of the world's most iconic studios...

GForce Software introduces Minimonsta2

Building on the architecture of its predecessor while extending its sonic and musical capabilities, Minimonsta 2 is a deep and inspiring instrument...

New Omnisphere Sound Design Course

Spectrasonics Omnisphere is a true sound designer's playground. Unlock the full potential of this powerful instrument with this in-depth course by producer and trainer Rishabh Rajan.

UVI Percussion Factory (Intro offer)

UVI release Percussion Factory, a powerful 8-part percussion instrument and advanced sequence designer, available now with special intro pricing.

Modalics Launches New FREE Plugin — EON-Arp

The innovative approach to rhythm composition in Modalics' debut plugin Beat Scholar created quite a stir. The company recently released a new plugin, EON-Arp, and it's free... for a limited time!

Unlock the Power of Ableton Live's Simpler & Sampler!

Are you looking to supercharge your Ableton Live production skills? Check out this 21-tutorial course on Ableton Live's Simpler and Sampler instruments, led by Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck.

Spitfire Releases New FREE Grand Piano

Spitfire offers a series of FREE software instruments, made by musicians, for musicians — for anyone, anywhere. Their latest LABS instrument is Autograph Grand, a beautifully sampled Yamaha C6 piano.

Auto-Tune Inventor Dr. Andy Hildebrand Wins Technical Grammy

Congratulations to Dr. Andy Hildebrand, Creators of Auto-Tune®, the industry standard for vocal production software, who won the Technical GRAMMY Award® at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

FabFilter releases FabFilter Twin 3 filter plug-in

Almost two decades after FabFilter’s plug-in debut with the FabFilter One synthesizer, Twin 3 expands and improves on its predecessor in every area...

Fluid Audio Image 2 Studio Monitors With Integrated SoundID Reference Now Available

Sonarworks, the company behind precision audio software used by Grammy-Award-winning producers, is proud to announce the global availability of Fluid Image 2 studio monitors.