Andrew Apollos

Andrew Apollos

Andrew Apollos offers a rare combination of the improvisational, theoretical and technical is his music. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, arranger, producer and musical director. When creating his own music or producing and writing for other artists, Andrew is able to blend elements of jazz improvisation, complex classical counterpoint and soulful head-nodding beats that are at the cutting edge of contemporary production techniques. He does it all using Propellorhead products in the small studio or home studio environment. Andrew is currently recording new music and developing his own instructional curriculum. As the new Reason Blogger at he offers insight and tips on one of Propellorheads most popular and useful programs.

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Extracting grooves from Rex Files in Reason 5

In a previous post, Mo Volans explains how to add groove to our beats by using the Regroove mixer in Reason and Record. This is an indispensable tool when creating your beats and today I want to take

Quick Tip: Reversing Drums In Propellerhead's Reason

In this Quick Tip, I want to change course a bit and go a little deeper by exploring what some of the more powerful devices in Reason can do to help you reach your production goals. There are many way

Workflow Mastery in Propellerheads Reason - Part 2 - Combinator Drum Sub Mix

When using Reason to build your tracks perhaps the best feature is the ability to "hands on" design your set up as you like. Reason only has a 14-channel mixer and this can appear to present some limi

Workflow Mastery In Propellerheads Reason - Part 1 - Customizing your Transport Bar

Customizing your Transport Bar Whether you are a beginner at computer music production or a seasoned professional, one thing all recording artists and producers can agree upon is that if not managed