Zivix Announces Next-Gen Jamstik Smart Guitars. To be Revealed at NAMM

The announcement of the upcoming Jamstick guitars coincides with brand new software upgrades for the Jamstik playing experience, including a web-based play portal and updated JamTutor app for iOS.  

Minneapolis — Music technology innovators, Zivix, today announce upcoming plans for the next-generation Jamstik smart guitars. The launch news coincides with the brand new web- based play portal, play.jamstik.com and updated set of features in the jamTutor app for iOS.

The Jamstik+ smart guitar served two distinctly different audiences, guitar learners and experienced musicians. After extensive market research and learning from user feedback and reviews, Zivix determined that the best way to serve both audiences was to create specific jamstik models for each of these groups. Each model has been redesigned from the ground up, utilizing brand new sensor technology and boasting new features never before seen in a MIDI guitar.

“We're thrilled that our research and development efforts have allowed us to pursue plans for not one, but two new jamstik models,” said Matt Cannon, Director of Growth, Zivix. “Our market research was clear, we've had the patience to build what has been asked for, and we look forward to delivering products that customers will absolutely love.”

An official release date has not been announced, but interested parties can expect the new products to be available for pre-order in Q1 of 2018. Sign up to be notified of launch at https:// comingsoon.jamstik.com.


Next-Generation Jamstik Guitars Revealed at NAMM Show 2018

The next-generation Jamstik smart guitars will be revealed in detail and on display at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 25-28th, 2018—Zivix Booth #11725 in Hall A. Additional details and specs of the new products will be available upon request the week of the show.

Play.Jamstik for Google Chrome

Thanks to web-MIDI capabilities in Google Chrome, Zivix has created a web-based playing experience for all levels of jamstik users. Play.jamstik.com offers the same features as the jamstik+ app, where players can see their finger placements on-screen, practice chords and scales, update firmware, receive personalized compatible app recommendations, access tutorials, and more. In 2018, users can expect an array of new features to become available in the play portal.

JamTutor for iOS

The Jamstik curriculum is still the only guitar-learning system that can display your finger positions on the screen in real-time, instantly showing you right from wrong. The updated app for iOS includes a variety of new features, including a tempo-slider for slowing down or speeding up arcade songs, ear training exercises for memorizing chords and notes, as well as progress tracking and daily workouts. Users can expect the app to continue to evolve with updated UI and added content in conjunction with the next versions of the jamstik.

Download JamTutor for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jamtutor/id893359370?mt=8





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