Your Elektron Instruments Can Talk To Each Other - Here's How To Set It Up

When you connect up two Elektron devices over MIDI, you unlock special features and functionality. Thavius Beck shows you how the MIDI side works in this short video.  

You love your Elektron hardware, but wouldn't it be amazing if the different devices could work together? The good news is, they can! And Elektron expert Thavius Beck is here to show you exactly how to set it up. In this short video from the course Elektron 301: Combining Machines he explains the MIDI side of things - how to configure the Digitone and Octatrack MkII in this case, to communicate with one another.

Elektron 301: Combining Machines

Starting with blank projects on both devices, Thavius sets up his system so that the Octatrack can send MIDI clock, program change and also note data across to the Digitone. As well as the kind of settings you might expect like channel values, he reveals some specialised tricks that Elektron has built in to the operating systems like Turbo Status, which enables even faster communication when no third party devices are involved.

After running you through all the relevant MIDI menus, settings and values, you're ready to go, with both devices perfectly synchronized! Be sure to check out the rest of the course for a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to hook up your Elektron machines to play nicely together.

Watch the course Elektron 301: Combining Machines in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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