You Want Analog? Watch This Awe-Inspiring Video of Mechanical Techno Demo Using Vinyl Records

Anybody can easily create techno music in their DAW.. But easy isn't what it's all about. Graham Dunning demonstrates how to make mechanical techno using one turntable and a host of analog sources.  

Graham Dunning is a genius. You might not be familiar with his work… but the video below showing how he rigged up different vinyl records, each representing a sound and a pattern that when played together create a Techno track.

The first 3 minutes 40 seconds shows each record being assembled on the turntable. Then we get the “multitrack” demonstration. Just watch the video here:

Now, while it’s a lot easier and quicker to make techno using a Korg Volca or Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase, etc, there’s something magical about Graham Dunning’s techno creation. Precarious as it is, Dunning has even used it for live performance. 

In his own words, “Several looping records spin on the same axle, ensuring they stay approximately in time with each other. I layer up locked groove records, audio triggers to analogue sytnhs, mechanically played percussion such as a cowbell or a cymbal, and mechanically triggered drum machines. I take all these inputs and perform a live dub, mixing down to two channels live in one take.”

Check out the video below where Graham Dunning performs live at Power Lunches in London on 19th September 2014:

Here’s details for the top video and info on where to find out more about Graham Dunning, his work, and the resulting Mechanical Techno record release.

Via: Hollin Jones (email)


Video produced by Michael Forrest.

Mechanical Techno studio recordings appear on the following compilations:

Next live Mechanical Techno set (London):

Forthcoming releases from:

Seagrave Records - Cassette album in 2016 -

BRKN DNCFLRS - 7" EP in 2016 -

Merch and downloads on Bandcamp:

More sounds on Soundcloud:

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