You Want A Korg Volca Mixer? How About This!

Complete controls to make your beats chunkier, your bass and keys smoother, and of course a blend ratio, the much anticipated volca Mixer has arrived...  

If you spend time in Korg volca groups, forums and message boards, you'll known that one of the most desired additions to the volca range of music machines is a volca mixer. Everytime there's a product announcement from Korg, those same volca users quietly cry into their pillows, cursing their luck and pray for the day a mixer should come their way.

Well, here is the volca mixer...

Korg volca Mixer

We take no responsibility should you decide to put a volca in a mixer to see how well its beat blends.

OK, OK. let's not even pretend this is real! Matthew R Webb has followed up his incredibly cool Volca Toaster mock-up... you remember the one... it followed soon after the release of the volca Kick

Now with a toaster and a mixer can we expect to see a volca coffee maker? I'm curious to see what comes next from Matthew.


[Via: Matthew R Webb]

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Web: Korg website



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