You Don't Need a Sampler or Synthesizer With A Voice Like This

It's long been acknoledged that the human voice is one of, if not the, most impressive musical instrument. This man creates possibly the most impressive soundscapes you could imagine.  

OK. The title is a little over the top... there is a synth in the background of this performance, but still!

Now, I'm not a fan of X Factror. But, every once in a while a performance comes along (this time from a European country we think) that completely blows my mind and makes me readjust my perception of song-based talent shows. This is one of those times.

If you had an orchestra, sampler and synthesizer at your disposal I don't think you'd be able to create such an evocative, beautiful sonic world where the imagination could run wild. Of course, I'm not putting down the tech that enables many of us to create music, but it's incredible to hear what this one man can do with one voice and makes me wonder what if we put more focus on creating using own voices from an earlier age...

If you want to explore vocal exercises and improve vocal techniques this video course, Singing with Tammy Scheffer, is a must-watch.

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