You Can Play Sonic The Hedgehog on Ableton Push 2

Seeing Sonic the Hedgehog being played on the screen of an Ableton Push 2 is one of those rare moments that I struggled for words and wished I had a unit to hand to try this out.  

Ableton Push 2 isn't a completely new platform for games. Push Hero 2 is a two-player game using the pads as the display... but, seeing a port of Sonic the Headgehog on his Push 2 by Icaro Ferre takes things to the next level.

Not only is this super cool, but it opens the door for hackers and hardcore DIY peeps to push the boundaries of making use of music gear in unusual ways. While Sonic is happily zipping around the Push 2 display collecting rings, it appears he can't be controlled using the buttons or pads on the Push 2 itself. I wonder if Icaro can solve the need for an external controller?

Anyway, kudos to Icaro Ferre (the man behind SpectroAudio's awesome CV Toolkit). He describes playing Sonic the Hedgehog on his brand new Ableton Push 2 as "arguably the coolest and nerdiest thing I’ve done in a really long time."
Here's some of the gear used to make it work: Cycling '74 Max 7 + OpenEmu + Syphon +imp.push external + 8BitdoNES30 Pro 

Via: Icaro Ferre on Facebook

Watch: Thavius Beck on Ableton Push 2 in AskAudio Academy


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