You Can Get Your Synths Covered by Stardust

Stardust make custom, handmade dust covers for synthesizers. Made from synthetic leather these are carefully and lovingly designed for a wide range of hardware models.  

Dust. It's is everywhere. It's something we want to keep off our precious hardware synthesizers too. While, of course it can be removed... dust getting inside a synthesizer is certainly not ideal. So, wouldn't it be great to have snug fitting dust covers designed for your synths and drum machines?

That's where Stardust covers come in. They create a range of svelt dust covers for synthesizers and drum machines. They "have several different designs which you can choose from, and they are all made of synthetic leather, a layer of high density foam to provide protection and form, as well as a delicate soft layer that will be in contact with the instrument."

Stardust synth covers for the Roland Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8.

Stardust synth covers for the Roland Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8.

Sounds good? Concerned your particular synthesizer doesn't have a cover made for it? Check the list below for current synth covers... 

  • Andromeda A6
  • Odyssey MKI / MKII
  • Odyssey MKIII
  • Drumtraks
  • Tempest
  • Mopho Keyboard
  • Prophet-5 / -6 / -12
  • Maxikorg DV-800
  • Mono/Poly
  • Polysix
  • Memorymoog
  • Moog Model D
  • The Source
  • DMX / DX / DSX
  • OB-1
  • OB-8 / OB-Xa
  • Linndrum LM-2
  • Juno-6 / Juno-60
  • Juno-106
  • Jupiter-4 / -6 / -8
  • TR-707 / TR-727
  • TR-808
  • TR-909
  • SH-101

and there's more coming soon: 

  • DX-7

  • VCS3

  • CS-80

  • PRO-2

  • Prophet 08

  • Mopho X4

  • 2 Voice

  • 4 Voice

  • Xpander

  • Matrix 12

  • OB-X

  • OB-6

  • Minilogue

  • MS-10

  • MS-20

  • MS-20 mini

  • "Karp" Odyssey

  • SH-09

  • HS-60

  • JD-800

  • Virus


Prices range from €44 EUR to €69 EUR.







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