Yamaha VOCALOID Singing Voice Synth, Cyber Diva, is 1st Female US English Library

Vocaloid is a sining voice synthesis technology which has just got a useful new library which caters to creating female American English vocal parts. Good to see Yamaha continuing to push the tech.  

BUENA PARK, Calif. (September 21, 2015)—Yamaha have announced that new software products built on VOCALOID 4, the company’s powerful voice synthesis engine, are now shipping.

Under development by Yamaha since March 2000, VOCALOID enables users to simply input melody and lyrics to synthesize a singing voice. Making their debut on the platform are the Cyber Diva voice library in American English and VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase.

Cyber Diva (female American vocal library) is now available for Vocaloid

Cyber Diva (female American vocal library) is now available for Vocaloid.

Cyber Diva is the first VOCALOID exclusive Singer Library with an American English female voice that delivers remarkable expression with clear speech, powerful long tones and smooth vocalization in any genre. The package includes a new feature, Growl Expression, which produces a harsher, gruff tone. Cyber Diva also comes with instrument features for building temporary tracks that serve as a bed for the virtual vocalist. Geared toward professional music producers, Cyber Diva lets users input melodies or lyrics to create the vocal lines.

Here's a demo video of Vocaloid (NOT Cyber Diva!):

Two more products, VOCALOID4 Editor and VOCALOID Editor for Cubase, include several new features for innovative music production. Cross-Synthesis lets users design nuanced voice tones by blending two different sound libraries—one to enhance power and attack, the other to emphasize expressiveness like the sustain and release of notes. Growl adds hard tremolo to the voice for a more realistic and versatile sound. Pitch Render allows for editing the smoothness of pitch linkage or the level of vibrato application by using a visual display to make the settings.

“Cyber Diva and VOCALOID4 Editor represent the culmination of years of perfecting the subtleties of virtual vocals,” said Lacy Privette, director, Steinberg North America. “This brings a new level of authenticity to voice synthesis technology, especially for background parts, so that producers and musicians can test ideas and flesh out tracks even when no singer is present.”

Cyber Diva, VOCALOID Editor for Cubase and VOCALOID4 Editor (each MSRP: $130.99) are now available.

For more information, visit http://4wrd.it/vocaloid4.

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