Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Synth Image Leaked?

You never know what you're going to get opening an email here at AskAudio. We certainly weren't expecting a possible leaked image of the upcoming Yamaha Genos digital workstation synthesizer.

Yamaha have begun teasing their upcoming digital workstation synthesizer, Genos. All other details are sparse, though we are hoping it will be worthy successor to the Montage, Motif and Tyros all in one keyboard with an improved sequencer.

In early October 2017 all details will be revealed. In the meantime, we received this in our inbox last night. We believe it to be a leaked photo, not a Photoshop mock-up, of the soon to be released Genos.

Here's some observations we've made from the "leaked" photo of the Genos:

  • There appears to be a USB key input probably on the right side. We assume this is for playing back tracks.
  • The screen really stands out and we expect it is higher resolution than the Montage. It's therefore likely the Genos is packing some serious processing power to handle the graphics.
  • There is no super knob like the the Montage has.
  • We're hopeful there is an LED readout over he rotary knobs in the upper right?
  • There doesn't appear to be physical category buttons for sound selection. Does this mean the Genos has a touch screen? Or is there a new paradigm for sound selection? 

While we wait on official specs here's the teaser video Yamaha released a couple of days ago to build up some excitement and anticipation for the next generation workstation synth from Yamaha:

We were contacted anonymously with this leaked image so we have no way of crediting or validating the source!. 

Further details on price, availability and spec will come soon. There's more teaser videos from Yamaha coming on the 15th, 22nd and 29th September. And we believe Genos will be officially annoucned in early October 2017. Stay tuned to AskAudio...

You can also follow Yamaha's official Genos page here:  https://www.yamaha.com/genos/
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John Wichmann
Looks a lot like an arranger type of keyboard...We will see.
John OH
Very cool.

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