XAOC Releases Tallin, Dual Voltage Controlled VCA Eurorack Module

This new VCA offers some unusual control features such as dual CV control over signal attenuation and gain. Here are the details.

Independent developer XAOC is now shipping its new Eurorack dual voltage controlled VCA, Tallin. It's available for 160 Euro from the company's website here.

Here's what they told us about it. 

"Tallin is a dual voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) with overdrive, offering some unusual control features and a range of attractive tonal characteristics. Each of the two identical channels offers two simultaneously available inputs for voltage control over signal attenuation or gain, with linear and exponential response to CV. Volume control knobs offer manual gain settings ranging from fully closed (-80dB) up to +18dB. A color LED indicator displays output signal levels. A soft-clip circuit avoids harsh clipping distortion, while a switchable overdrive circuit offers two carefully crafted distortion responses, simulating the sound of classic tube amplifiers.

Tallin consists of two completely independent but functionally identical channels, A and B. Each channel is built around a “modern vintage” discrete VCA core with a matched transistor pair and multiple feedback topology. This gives Tallin a specific character not present in other VCAs that use mathematically precise and sonically pure integrated gain cell VCA chips."



  • Discrete core analog VCA circuitry
  • Simultaneous linear and exponential voltage control
  • DC-coupled for control voltage processing
  • Multi-color signal level indication - Two distinct amp overdrive characteristics


  • Eurorack format
  • 6hp, 33 mm deep
  • Current draw: +50mA / –50mA
  • Reverse power protection

Find out more at http://xaocdevices.com/main/tallin/

Learn Eurorack skills and secrets in the AskAudio Academy https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=topic/eurorackmodular

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