Wrongtools Fjordheim Drums Available for Pre-order

Wrongtools Fjordheim Drums is a Rogers Holiday 1968 set for Kontakt, recorded through a collection of vintage mic and ribbons, Neve and Trident preamps.

Fjordheim Drums is an extremely versatile, lively sounding vintage drum set. Perfect for crafting grooves across a large spectrum of genres. And could set a new epitome of realism in drum sampling.



Made from the combination of over 20 years of experience recording drums, a world class drummer, great acoustics, vintage mics, neve pre-amps and cutting-edge sampling technology.

Fjordheim Drums


  • Brush Set
  • Mallet Set
  • Stick Set
  • Bowed Cymbals Set
  • Drum Rolls Set
  • Chains On Drums Set
  • Bonus High-Quality IR Pack

Size : 3.8 GB, 9736 samples. 

More info: https://wrongtools.com/kontakt-instruments/fjordheim-drums/
Price: €49 (Pre-order) €98 (Regular)
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