Wrongtools Announces New Kontakt Library, Apeiron

From the aftermath of a gruesome attack to a demonic entity growing stronger by feeding on loneliness APEIRON will have you questioning reality long after the music stops.

The sound aesthetics of Apeiron can be characterised by a fusion of industrial, electronic, rock, and alternative elements that create a uniquely intense and atmospheric Kontakt Patches.

Apeiron often features a raw, gritty, and sometimes abrasive quality reminiscent of industrial machinery. This is achieved through heavily processed sounds. With patches that range from harsh to haunting.

The library incorporates a wide range of hybrid elements. Gritty sounds and beats made from organic material. These elements contribute to a futuristic and experimental vibe, often accompanied by glitchy textures and unconventional soundscapes.

Apeiron's sound is a blend of aggression, innovation, introspection, and sonic experimentation. A Fusion Of Industrial, Hard Techno, Synth-Rock, And Heavy Electronica Samples. An Industrial Sample Kit For Aficionados Of Colossal Basses, Relentless Leads, Overdrive Drums, Spooky Sound Effects And Impactful Concussions, Significant Drones, And Mind-Bending Ultra- Distortions. Apeiron is your passport to audacious, energetic, and electrifying wastelands.


6.45 GB
143 instruments 2400+ samples


About Wrongtools

Throughout their catalogue, Wrongtools has consistently pushed musical boundaries and experimented with new sounds and production techniques. This willingness to explore uncharted territory contributes to their reputation as innovators in the sampler industry.



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