Would You Swap Your DAW For This Marble Music Machine?

Curious to see and hear the results of a wooden machine using 2,000 marbles to play pre-programmed sequences for vibraphone, guitar, and drums?  

(Photo credit: Samuel Westergren)

Created by Swedish musician and inventor, Martin Molin, the Wintergatan Marble Machine looks like something out a post-apocalyptic steam punk novel. There’s gears, levers, and pulleys aplenty on this contraption that stylishly and intricately plays back 32-bar loops. These are programmed by Martin using a grid (no computer software in sight). 

If you’re hoping to see this wondrous music machine at a live venue near you soon, you may be left disappointed. Comprising 3,000 individual parts, this machine needs to be completely disassembled to travel. Therefore, not practical for Wintergatan’s next tour!

However, word is that Martin is conceiving of ways to make smaller, simpler, portable music machines using the same process as the Marble machine. Something tells me these won’t support Ableton Link or MIDI over Bluetooth … but they’ll probably be a very cool addition to your studio setup.

Visit the Wintergatan Marble Machine page to see more videos showcasing the making of the marble machine.

[Via: The Creators Project

Web: http://www.wintergatan.net/#/m.m.machine


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