WMD Performance Mixer for Eurorack Now Shipping

A collection of artists that make modular synthesisers and guitar pedals you'll actually want to use, WMD have come out with a mixer designed for Eurorack performers. Some very interesting features!  

WMD have begun shipping their Perfromance Mixer. They tell us it's "an 8 channel powerhouse will change the way people perform live with their Eurorack systems." It's certainly going to be interesting to see how many Eurorack synth performers use this.

WMD Performance Mixer for Eurorack




  • 6 Mono channels with 2 switchable or summed inputs gives you a total of 12 inputs.
  • 2 True stereo channels
  • CUE Mixing allows you to monitor signals before they hit front of house
  • Voltage control over Level and Panning for all channels
  • 2 Auxiliary sends, switchable for each channel
  • Aux sends are available Pre and Post fader via switch
  • 2 mono and 2 stereo unity gain inputs for adding submixes or external audio sources
  • 2 Headphone outs, 1-3.5 mm and 1- ¼ inch for collaboration and convenience
  • Expandable with PM MUTES and PM CHANNELS modules
It's time for Eurorack performers to take control.




Size: 40HP wide, 45mm deep

Power consumption: +450mA, -430mA

Channel gain (1-6): +-12dB

Fader level: OFF to -30dB to +5dB gain

Headphones: 10dBV High Quality Stereo Output


Size: 6HP wide, 45mm deep

Power consumption: +20mA, -5mA PM


Size: 10HP wide, 45mm deep




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