Why Singers Need To Learn Harmony - Explained In 1 Minute.

Understanding some basics about harmony will help you to improve both your composition and improvisational skills while singing. This short video explains why.  

They may not really talk about it, but most of the singers in your favourite bands will have had vocal training at some point. You can have natural talent, but singing well also involves a degree of technique and discipline. In this short video from the course Vocal Techniques 101, jazz singer Tammy Sheffer explains why it's crucial for singers to learn about harmony. 

Tammy gives a practical example of why it's important to understand the relationship between the fundamental notes of the chords and scales you are singing and playing in. Knowing what harmonies will work for a particular part mean it's much easier for you to compose and improvise around a passage or chord sequence, which in turn makes you more creative as a singer. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in the course for even more practical advice on better singing techniques!

Watch the full course Vocal Techniques 101: Singing With Tammy Sheffer in the AskAudio Academy HERE.

Vocal Techniques 101: Singing With Tammy Sheffer

Great singers are a wonderful mix of natural ability and a lot of hard work. Up-and-coming singers often forget the hard work part and rely entirely upon their talent. In this course, by the amazing Israeli jazz/pop singer Tammy Scheffer, you learn how professional singers create sound, shape notes and construct effective harmonization in the process of developing their unique vocal styles.

Tammy starts at the very beginning with basic posture techniques and vocal warmups. You may be wondering why these tools are so important. Well, you’ll just have to watch and see how using these techniques will improve your sound while, at the same time, enhance your singing career! From there you learn Tammy’s extensive vocal drills. Here is where you get all kinds of tips on how to produce intervals, shape your tone, nail pitches and, of course, how to singing in perfect tune without AutoTune!

Next up are a series of tutorials that focus on the voice as an instrument. Here you learn all about jamming with the chords and creating harmony. This leads right into a wonderful section on complex vocal rhythms and improvisation.

The course comes to close with a performer’s look at microphone techniques and how to incorporate “looping” devices so that you can create and improvise a complete vocal orchestra all by yourself!  

Watch the full course Vocal Techniques 101: Singing With Tammy Sheffer in the AskAudio Academy HERE.

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