WHOA: Has Pop Music Forgotten How to Write Lyrics?

This rather humorous mashup video from Cutting Room called Whoa-oo-ah Supercut really brings home how the art of lyric writing in Pop might be at an all-time low.  

Featuring 60 tracks the video highlights a worrying trend to appeal to the lowest common denominator by forgoing the need to put emotions and feelings into words. OK, so there's nothing wrong in itself by punctuating a song with occasional “whoa's” especially when it's expressive and fits with the vibe, right? After all, there are times when words just don't work. But, when every other pop song starts to sound much the same because of this recent phenomenon… well, we at AskAudio are getting a little concerned!

Enjoy the video and remember to crack a smile, especially if you begin singing/who-oo-ah-ing along.

Source: Music.Mic

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I think I may have copywrited "woah-oo-a-oooh" a long time ago. Thieves!
JT Red
Rounik, you just gave a squadron of entertainment lawyers some divine inspiration! :)

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