Who Needs To Do What When Recording An Orchestra

Recording a full blown orchestra is definitely not a one-person task. Olajide Paris reveals the list of roles that will need to be filled on anything from a smaller to a heavy cinematic session.  

In the previous courses in this series, Olajide Paris has covered everything you need to know to plan and set up orchestral recording as well as what you need to know about digital notation. In this video from the course The Orchestral Sessions 104: Recording The Orchestra, he comes to the all-important stage of actually recording a full-blown, real live orchestra. But this isn't a one-person task - you'll need a crew. Luckily, this video tells you exactly what they will need to do. 

The Orchestral Sessions 104: Recording The Orchestra

Whether your session is a relatively small chamber orchestra or a full blown cinematic setup, you'll need a selection of people to help make the recording work. There's the recording engineer of course, and also a mixing engineer. A DAW operator looks after the software side of things, and one or more assistants can have varied roles and jump in to fix problems. You'll want an orchestrator, a copyist and potentially more exotic roles like a translator. A conductor takes care of directing the orchestra, and you may also need a music editor. 

This is a pretty serious list of roles, but if you have gone to the trouble of hiring a location, studio and an orchestra you're already pretty serious about the task at hand! Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in this course for a complete guide to recording a full orchestra. 

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