Which Synth Classics Would You Like To See Cloned?

This question is more relevant now since Behringer's Minimoog, OB-Xa, ARP 2600 and OSCar clone announcements. There have been reissues from other synth companies too. So tell us here what you want!  

Vintage synthesizers are often cloned. It's just the way it is. Once a popular model is discontinued, like the iconic Roland TR-808, and when the IP (intellectual property) expires, other companies do their best to emulate the original. And in many cases it'll result in more affordable versions of the classic synth and/or one with sought after features that couldn't be in the original.

In 2016 and 2017, if you play word association with a modern synthesist who hasn't been off the grid, saying  "synth clone", they'll likely answer you with "Behringer". Uli Behrginer hs made no secret of his desire to follow up the Deepmind 12 with many more synths. They have 20 in production, some clones of famous ones and others brand new synths. The clone that has caused the most discussion across the net is the $400 Minimoog Model D. But plans for the Oberheim OB-Xa, ARP2600 and OSCar have also promoted much heated debate.

So, rather than me harp on about the pros and cons of cloning synths (which incidently I don't belive will devalue the original synth despite making clones more widely available for lower prices), we'd like to turn the conversation back to you.

What synths would you like to see cloned? Which companies would you like to be behind the clones?

Here's a simple 3-question survey including some (but not all) of the most popular or iconic vintage synthesizers (pre-1995). Simply choose your favorite 3 you'd like to see re-issued or cloned.

[survey id=21]

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