What's Special About Moog Grandmother?

The Moog Grandmother is a semi-modular analog synthesizer that really stands out, not just visually, but sonically too. In this video Loopop takes us through what makes it so special.  

Loopop is back with a bang.

While you've probably already watched our very popular Moog Grandmother semi-modular analog synthesizer review video by Rishabh Rajan, there's room for more as Loopop shows in his recent video.

Here we're presented with a more "what's special" and "what makes Grandmother stand out from the crowd" and "how to play Grandmother paraphonically" style video.

Here's what Loopop says about his latest video:

"Grandmother is the latest semi-modular analog synth from Moog. There have been increasingly more and more semi modular synths released in recent years and the demand for rewiring synths and interfacing them with other modular gear grows.

In this clip I explore what's special about Moog's Grandmother, and it turns out there's quite a lot there, especially if you look beneath the surface. For example, while the front panel seems to show only two oscillators and one envelope, in reality, Grandmother has three fully functioning volt/octave oscillators (four if you count the self resonating filter), two and even three envelopes, and is capable of being played paraphonically."

All of these and plenty more patching ideas, tips and tricks are explored in this clip:

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