What's New in Logic Pro X 10.4.7

There's no new plugins or bells and whistles, butt he latest free update for Logic Pro X 10.4.7 issues tons of maintenance improvements and bug fixes. Here's what's new.  

With the recent release of MacOS Catalina, Apple have updated all their Pro Apps including Logic Pro X. Version 10.4.7 is focused primarily on squashing bugs and improving stability.

Here's what's changed... and, please remember the age-old advice relevant to all creatives... please do not update your main apps and OS mid-way through a project... check with your plugin developers and audio interface and hardware manufacturers that their drivers are compatible and stable with the new OS. If it doubt, don't update... and definitely you should keep a clone or backup of your system before updating, just in case.


  • Resolves an issue where enabling an audio driver while another application is actively using the same driver could cause Logic Pro to unexpectedly quit.
  • Resolves an issue when clicking the Edit button in EXS24 while running in Spanish would cause Logic Pro to quit unexpectedly.


  • It is now possible to insert a plug-in before an existing plug-in using VoiceOver
  • When assigning icons to tracks, VoiceOver now announces the name of the icon.
  • VoiceOver now properly announces disclosure triangles in Inspectors.
  • It is now possible to scroll to plug-in parameters outside the current view using VoiceOver.
  • VoiceOver now announces the toggle state of hardware controls in channel strips.
  • When multiple plug-ins are inserted consecutively using VoiceOver, they are now consistently inserted in the expected order and announced correctly.
  • VoiceOver now announces quantization applied by key command.
  • Interacting with a channel mode button using VoiceOver no longer shifts the focus away from the channel strip.
  • It is now possible to navigate the pop-up menus for Outputs, Inputs, Groups and the Channel strip Settings menu using VoiceOver.
  • VoiceOver now announces the state of buttons in the Control Bar.
  • VoiceOver no longer announces an unnecessary “zero” when selecting items in the Track Header.
  • Send values no longer jump by random amounts when adjusting them using VoiceOver.
  • The untagged Loops browser is now accessible using VoiceOver.
  • It is now possible to drag non-contiguous tracks into a Track Stack using VoiceOver.
  • VoiceOver now announces the Gain Reduction Meter in channel strips.
  • VoiceOver now announces the state of the Input Mode button on channel strips.


  • Stereo width and panning can now be adjusted using the scroll wheel on a mouse.
  • When you click and hold the Input Mode button on a newly created channel strip, the Input Mode menu now consistently appears.
  • When the project setting "Only load plug-ins needed for project playback" is enabled, busses the patch sends to are now activated as expected.

Flex Time and Flex Pitch

  • Flex Pitch notes now continue to display properly after Reset All is performed for Flex Pitch adjustments on a region that has been split.
  • Splitting a note on Flex Pitch no longer causes Flex Pitch detection to disappear for the note to the right side of the split.


  • Automation can now be written from Audio Units v.3 plug-ins.
  • Resolves an issue in which it was not possible to automate certain 3rd party Audio Unit plug-in parameters.


  • The Impulse Response Utility now creates useable IR files.


  • Settings in the Track Inspector no longer unexpectedly affect Articulation Output switches.


  • Clicking a Pad in Drum Machine Designer after clicking the Sends tab no longer causes unexpected global controls to appear in the Smart Control page.


  • It is now possible to bounce a track in place in a project that has not yet been saved.


  • The dialog for sharing to SoundCloud now allows the username and password to be successfully entered.


  • SMPTE-locked audio regions now remain properly synced to video after the left border of the movie is changed.

Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers

  • Logic Remote now reliably shows the solo state of a soloed channel in Logic Pro.

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Download Logic Pro X from the Mac App Store: https://www.apple.com/logic-pro/

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