What's New in FL Studio 12.3 BETA

Good news for FL Studio users. BETA 3 of version 12.3 is out. Before you ask, no this article doesn't make reference to the Mac version. But there's a new plugin and some useful fixes!  

Scroll down for videos showing some of the big new features in FL Studio 12.3 in action...

Main New Features in Beta 3

  • Razer Chroma plugin
  • The names of existing Channels aren't changed when dropping presets on them, and the "Auto name" option is OFF
  • Type in value" for Tempo and Mixer track selectors now accepts actual values
  • Fruity Limiter: Comp/limiter selector is now two tabs instead
  • Renamed Mono brush to "Paint"
  • Renamed Poly brush to "Paint in drum sequencer mode"
  • Reverted "Paint" brush functionality to FL10's (FL11's behavior with shift modifier)
  • Don't close event editor when effect slot changes
  • Added "Size to fit" option to channel rack button size menu
  • In the piano roll, the shortcut keys G, H, J and K will now go to the previous or next channel. H and J go to a used channel, G and K also go to unused ones.
  • Use "Safe" color picker for channel gradient colors
  • Scale highlights is now set to "Black notes" by default
  • Play truncated notes on transport is now on by default

What was new in Beta 2?

  • Added macro to set all audio clips to RT stretching mode
  • Added option to control remembering previous state when using solo
  • Added shortcut to unsolo and unmute all tracks (Ctrl + key above tab)
  • Channel rack - Added "MIDI channel through" option (Right-Click Channel button)
  • Channels are shown more prominently in the Add menu
  • GrossBeat - Now resizable. And I know that is possibly hilarious in French.
  • Improvements to IL Remote feedback (also enabled by default)
  • Incremental scrolling in Playlist, Piano roll and Event editor
  • Playlist: Ctrl+left click toggles Solo
  • Playlist: place recorded audio clips in first (visible) empty track
  • Solo mode is auto-detected again

What was new in Beta 1:

  • Real-time stretching - Sampler and Audio Clip 'Realtime > Stretch' mode allows you to change tempo and maintain pitch and rhythm in sync with the project AND OR change pitch and maintain sample duration in the Piano roll.
  • New Plugins - Transient Processor.
  • Plugin updates - Gross Beat , Fruity Limiter, Love Philter, Maximus - Vectorial UIs, Sytrus - Vectorial UI + 73 nucleon presets.
  • Plugin manager - Plugin Manager and 'More plugins' window GUI updated to match FL Studio
  • Mute/Solo locking - Mixer, Playlist and Channel Rack. 'Shift-Click' Mute LEDs to lock them to their current state.
  • Lock MIDI notes to Channels - Right-click a Channel Button and select Receive notes from.
  • Channel Rack - New menu options, Auto resize - Set the height of the Channel Rack (Off, Min, Max). Sort by - Sort the Channel Rack order (Mixer Track, Name, Color).
  • Continuous scrolling - Editor windows scroll continuously rather than jumping. Right-Click the Scroll icon and select 'Continuous scrolling'.
  • Piano roll Event Editor target menu - Moved to the left of the integrated Event Editor.
  • Piano roll keyboard views - See 'Menu > View > Keyboard style' for new 'Classic', 'Modern' and 'List' views.
  • Piano roll scales - See 'Menu > Helpers > Scale highlighting' and select a scale to show in the Piano roll grid/workspace.
  • Image-Line Remote feedback - Right-click 'Enable Image-Line Remote' to activate control feedback from IL Remote to FL Studio.
  • Open and save dialogs - Now more modern
  • Add menu - Contents have been rearranged
  • View > Time > Incremental scrolling - Test and let us know what you think.
  • Bridged plugins - Test 64 bit plugins in FL 32 bit FL Studio and vice versa. Should fix 'Lost connection' errors.


  • The default install location is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 12.3 beta' and can be used alongside existing installations.
  • Don't work on mission critical projects with this Beta. Don't save over earlier FL Studio 12 projects with this beta. THIS BETA EXPIRES 21st of June

Download FL Studio 12.3 Beta here [build 34, updated: 12/May/2016] 605 MB (634,638,320 bytes)

Login to the site in order to gain access to the new BETA version of FL Studio.

Web: http://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=157259


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