What Puts The Matrix In MatrixBrute? Find Out In This Short Video

Arturia's MatrixBrute may look daunting, but in this short video, Marc Doty shows you that the large button matrix can actually be much more straightforward to use than you might have thought.  

Arturia's MatrixBrute is a powerhouse of a hardware synthesizer, but it can also seem daunting to new users. Luckily, in this short video from the course MatrixBrute 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide, synth expert Marc Doty is here to cut through the jargon and explain exactly how its various sections work. Specifically in this video, he shows you exactly what the Matrix is. 

Marc shows you that even though the Matrix may look complicated, it's actually a pretty simple way to achieve some very complex things. With a couple of different modes, the Matrix can be used either to select presets or for assigning any of the vast number of modulation possibilities that exist inside the instrument. Even modulation assignment is easier than you might think, and you'll see how it works here with a hands-on demonstration. Check out the rest of the videos in this course for much more information about how to use this great synth!

Watch the full course MatrixBrute 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the AskAudio Academy here

MatrixBrute 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide

If you like huge analog synth sounds, look no further. Featuring an all-analogue signal path, an impressive 16 x 16 Matrix, a Steiner-Parker filter, an aptly named Brute Factor control, and more, Arturia’s MatrixBrute will please the most discerning synth connoisseur. And speaking of synth connoisseurs, we couldn’t have found a more knowledgeable teacher to demystify this monstrous synth than Marc Doty. Marc is a walking encyclopedia of electronic music history, a gifted composer and synthesist, and most importantly, he is a phenomenal and inspiring teacher.

This course starts with an in-depth look at the sound sources of the MatrixBrute. You discover how to create complex waveforms by mixing and matching the 3 VCOs with the noise generator, and how the special controls (Ultrasaw, Pulse Width and Metalizer) gives you access to an unlimited sonic palette. You then learn everything about the flexible Steiner Parker and Ladder filters. Marc gives a clear demonstration of MatrixBrute's huge sound-sculpting capabilities, and explains in very simple terms the series and parallel patching configurations.

From there, Marc dives into the modulators, revealing everything about the envelopes, LFOs and the infamous Audio Mod (which brings the MatrixBrute into FM territory). Next, Marc shows how easy it is to understand the heart of the synth: the intricate sea of buttons called the Matrix which lets you do everything from loading presets to programming complex sequences and arps. Continuing with the course, you also learn the analog effects, the macro knobs, the voice settings and a lot more.

So whether you’ve got the Arturia MatrixBrute or you’re thinking of buying one (or even if you want to get general synthesis knowledge from a synth expert), this course is a must watch!

Watch the full course MatrixBrute 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the AskAudio Academy here

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If I had to pick one synth to represent the 2010s it would be the Matrixbrute. Sure, other companies have released awesome synths but hardly any of them went far above and beyond what was expected of them. Not only that but Arturia then turned around and released an analog drum machine and sleek audio interface within a year.

The Matrixbrute is an extremely cool synthesizer. Nicely done Arturia.

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