What Makes Pioneer DJ Mixers Sound Good?

Pioneer DJ mixers, like the DJM-2000NXS, are well respected amongst DJs and FOH engineers. Why? They sound great. But what makes them sound so good? Sara Simms investigates...  

There are hundreds of DJ mixers on the market, but sound quality is one factor that makes the best mixers stand out from the rest. Pioneer DJ's mixers continue to be an industry standard and consistently sound good in both club and studio environments. Ever wonder why Pioneer DJ's mixers sound so good? I dug a little deeper to find out what makes these mixers sound sublime.  

Sound Quality Design

Credit: Photo by Mark Kostel

Credit: Photo by Mark Kostel

On Pioneer DJ's standard club mixer, the DJM-900nexus, accurate audio reproduction from connected sources is ensured with a 32-bit digital to analog converter that handles audio from all outputs of the mixer. The high performance 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) stops any digital and analog circuit noise by using hybrid operation amps and balanced output circuits. 

High Quality Mixing Processors 


Pioneer DJ's high end mixers, like the DJM-900NXS2 feature a 96 kHz/64-bit mixing processor that achieves an analog-like sound through dithering technology and a low-jitter clock. Pre-amps and output circuits help to reduce any unwanted analogue noise.  

USB Sound Card 


Pioneer DJ's mixers feature onboard USB high performance sound cards that can process 24-bit/96kHz high resolution signals from up to (4) four stereo sources through a single USB port. This sound card does not reduce the quality of the sound from any of the input or output signals and puts an end to the need for connecting a separate sound card. Pioneer DJ has designed a Settings Utility Tool that automatically opens when your computer is connected via USB to the mixer. The Settings Utility Tool can be used to set up the mixer, audio routing and sound card to suit a DJ's individual needs.  

Channel Faders 

Many of Pioneer DJ's mixers, including the DJM-900NXS2 and the DJM-S9 feature Magvel Pro faders. These high performance channel faders are magnetic faders that are built to withstand the rigors of shows and sets. The fader's slide mechanism supports the fader knobs with two metal shafts for durability and smooth operation. The Magvel faders' design helps to minimize the effects of dust or moisture on the channel faders.  

Clip Display 

Pioneer DJ has redesigned the clip indicator's gain structure to make sure that the meters on the mixer don't go into the red too early. Improved metering means improved overall sound, so long as the DJ who uses the mixer pays careful attention to their levels when mixing. 

Peak Limiter 


Pioneer DJ's flagship DJ mixer, the DJM-2000NXS features a Peak Limiter, which reduces distortion and clipping at club volumes. While professional DJs should be monitoring their levels on a constant basis, this feature may save a mix that's gotten a little out of hand, which can happen to even the best of jocks in the heat of a mix!  

At Rest

DJM 750

While its wonderful that Pioneer DJ's mixers sound amazing when they're rocking, the components need a little rest when not in use. Pioneer DJ has started to include an innovative auto standby mode that saves power whilst the unit is inactive and can help to preserve the internal components of the mixer. This feature has been included on newer mixers, such as the DJM-750.

While user friendly and futuristic features are fun to use, what really makes a difference is how good a mixer sounds. Pioneer DJ's mixers use digital technology that emulates classic analog sound, and offer high quality mixing processors. In clubs around the world, Pioneer DJ's mixers can be relied on to provide top sound quality for professional DJs. Try one out and you may fall in love with the sound and the Magvel faders!

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