What is This New Product from Native Instruments for Komplete Users?

It's time to "guess that gear"!! Watch the video and decide what this new, what seems like hardware, product is that NI are teasing us with...  
Something special is coming from Native Instruments'¦ and unless you're an insider, you won't know what it is!
So, let's take a few guesses using the teaser video below, we know it's coming soon'¦ and that it's related to Komplete. It certainly looks to be hardware'¦ Traktor and Maschine look likely to be out of the picture'¦ or are they? 
So, what exactly is this new product, and what features do you think it'll have?

Stay tuned to AskAudioMag.com for more info about this tasty new bit of gear from NI... and a review will be forthcoming too!

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Dave DeLizza
My guess is a line of full controllers. With komplete/maschine/traktor integration i'd guess.
It would be much nicer if NI would fix what is already released! Kontakt 5 was broke for 9 months and NI wouldn't respond. In fact, they still don't. Releasing another buggy plug-in that more than likely will never work correctly. Have a question for NI support... forget about it!

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