It may surprise you that Pablo Picasso's philosophy on the creative process can be applied to music production. Shane Berry demonstrates how a world famous artist's vision can transform your sounds.  

So What does Picasso Have to do With It?  

Don’t Believe the Hype

Guitar Picasso

Tools and Technique Rendered Invisible

How That Relates to You

Pablo Picasso

Work With Limitations 

Hiding Process


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Shane is an SAE certified audio engineer, sound designer, composer, and audio consultant. Working with Tokyo based media agency Ultrasupernew and creative game agency Playbrain, he creates audio for TV, music and sound for product launch events, and web audio content for major multinational firms such as Red Bull, SuperCell, Heineke... Read More


Amazing article!!! Thank you so much for those words, unfortunately nowadays new engineers and producers rely only on fancy plugins and that kind of stuff, without realizing what the real goal is. Making good sounding music, without worrying about nothing but the final result.
This is a great article. Incredibly inspiring. Thank you
This website/ the internet in general could use more articles such as this one. the basic perspective offered here is highly effective/affective in promoting an inspiring way of looking at normal tasks in a refreshed manner. Nice work & thank you!
Matt Denton
I love this article, and it comes at a time where I am struggling with everything listed here. Thank you for writing it, I'll be passing this along!
Absolutely incredible article - such a fresh way of looking at production. The emphasis on the concept of creation is something often overlooked in music production, and this article vibrantly brought that to life! Many thanks!!

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