What Are The Defining Features of Tech House?

If you've ever wondered what make Tech House... Tech House then this video from Multiplier looks to make it clearer using musical cues and examples.  

We exlpored building a basic Tech House beat in this article a couple of days back. Now Multipler continues his journey into Tech House with this useful video tutorial on its defining features. The idea is by being able to identify certain features will make it easier to produce house, techno and tech house specifically.

So, what are the defining features of tech house? 

  • BPM between 122-125
  • Drums very groovy with a lot of complexity. More house than techno.
  • More melody than techno, but less emotion than house
  • Sounds are more electronic than house, less harsh than techno.
If you’d like to learn more about producing Tech House, the complete course of 21 videos by Multiplier is available in the AskAudio Academy here.

More About Dance Music Styles 109: Tech House

In this course, Multiplier, AKA Adam Pollard, our very own multi-talented, mad scientist of dance music, guides you through all the various aspects of Tech House including songwriting, beat-making, sound design and production techniques. He even shows you how to avoid commonly-made mistakes!

It's difficult to make any musical style your "own". It takes a lot of listening and understanding of what's going on, especially inside top tracks, before you can even begin! That's why first learning how to define the various different elements in a Tech House production is so important. This course teaches you those elements and helps you develop a Tech House "second nature" that puts you way ahead of everybody else.

So if you want to learn how to make Tech House, there’s really no better place to start than right here with Multiplier.

Watch all videos in the course in The AskAudio Academy here.


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