WebSynths Is A Free Browser Modular Synth That Sounds Incredible

Is this the browser-based synth that is setting the new gold standard? WebSynths provides an enviable number of parameters to control and sounds to play. You just can't ignore web audio as the future.  

What exactly is going on here? WebSynths.com is a microtonal synth that is free to use and lives in your browser. While it might not be the prettiest interface in the world, after playing with it for a minute you can appreciate that minimal design is good here with so many options and functions available.

But more than that, WebSynths sounds truly great. Really good. You'll find presets for pads, basses, percussive sounds, pulsing, moving leads and everything inbetween. Should you start making your own patches you can save and export them and load them to.

If you're using a browser with MIDI support, like Chrome, then you'll be able to plug-in your MIDI keyboard and play WebSynths right off the bat. If not, each preset shows a smart keyboard at the bottom of the window that relates to the keys on your computer keyboard or can be triggered using your mouse on screen.

Everything in WebSynths feels like a professional VSTi or AU instrument plug-in. Seriously, we understand Web Audio is still in 'experiment' mode as the maker, and it definitely works more smoothly in Chrome than Safari, but you have to give this synth a try. There's a lot more to this polyphonic 3-oscillator synth than you might intially think. 

WebSynths is as useful for those looking to try it out as a novelty synth as it is for those wanting to play serious sounds. 

So much fun. Go play it now!

WebSynths SPECS

  • Browser-based, mobile-first, responsive interface
  • Unique microtonal tuning system
  • Unique nested-module patch creation paradigm
  • Preset patch library with over 130 patches
  • Save and load user created patches
  • Ability to load one patch's microtonal tuning system into another
  • Trigger sounds via MIDI (with velocity), touch, (QWERTY, AZERTY, or QWERTZ) computer keyboard, or mouse clicks
  • 3 oscillators, each with
    • sine, square, sawtooth, pulse, and triangle waveform types
    • pulse width with dedicated lfo
    • super size with up to 15 voices, with adjustable detune and stereo width
    • white, pink, and brown noise waveforms
    • frequency-follow filter
    • pitch and amplitude envelopes
    • pitch and amplitude LFOs with dedicated envelopes
    • pan position with auto-pan
    • convolver with drum samples
    • high cut, low cut and parametric eq
  • 2 filters, each with 8 filter modes and dedicated frequency envelopes and frequency LFOs
  • Filter matrix with presets
  • All LFOs have basic and extended functions, 5 wave shapes, dedicated envelope, and are BPM syncable
  • Random and hold LFO oscillator waveform with legato
  • All envelopes are BPM syncable
  • 7 segment amplitude envelope
  • Effects: compressor, distortion with eq, single and dual BPM syncable delays with eq, stereo chorus, stereo tremolo, reverb (18 models), eq (6 bands), and limiter
  • Visual audio meter
  • Polyphonic
  • Panic button

Planned Features

  • Patch banks
  • YouTube tutorials and demonstrations channel
  • Random patch generation
  • FM and samples
  • More filter types
  • Live parameter response
  • Microtonal sequencer
  • Monophonic option with legato
  • Alternative trigger systems
  • Undo system





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