Waves Audio Releases Brand New StudioRack

The plugin chainer for Waves plugins – now with parallel processing racks, multiband split racks, and 8 macros per chain allows you create your own ‘custom plugins' and it's free to download.  

The new Waves StudioRack is a completely re-imagined version of Waves’ plugin chain building platform. It takes StudioRack to an entirely new level, adding new exciting capabilities that turn StudioRack into an audio mixing & production powerhouse.

You can create plugin chains (up to 8 plugins per chain). You can save these entire chains as presets, and move them between different DAWs, easily. So far, the same as the previous version of StudioRack.

  • 8 Macros Per Chain: Combine multiple plugin parameters in a chain into a single macro – 8 Macros per chain in total. By using the macros, you are essentially turning each entire StudioRack chain into a “custom plugin” (similar to how Waves artist signature plugins are built.)
  • Parallel Processing Racks: Split any chain at any point into parallel processing racks – the easiest, fastest way to do parallel processing.
  • Multiband Racks: Split any chain at any point into multiband/crossover racks. Now you can turn any Waves plugin into a multiband processor (for example: turn CLA-2A or CLA-76 or R-Comp into a multiband compressor; etc. etc.)

New Features

  • GUI – Build and run plugin chains via a simple, streamlined interface
  • Parallel Split Racks – Split chains at any point into 8 parallel mono, stereo, and M/S racks
  • Multiband Split Racks – Turn any plugin in your chain into a multiband processor
  • 8 Macros Per Chain – Map any combination of plugin parameters to macros
  • Macros Editor – Set advanced relationships between macros properties
  • Instant Search – Find the plugins you need in seconds
  • Floating Plugin Windows - Quickly view and manipulate multiple plugins on one screen
  • Compatibility – Now fully compatible with all Waves Audio v11 plugins
  • DSP Optional Offload – Offload plugin processing to a SoundGrid DSP server
  • DAW Agnostic – Save custom plugins and plugin chains and load them in any DAW






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