WaveLab's MasterRig Explored: The Ultimate Plug-In For Mastering?

Explore MasterRig's modular design, awesome custom presets and many processing stages in this quick guide to better mastering.  

WaveLab is one of the world's leading applications for mastering and wave editing. Now in its tenth and best ever version, it has a wealth of tools to help you create the perfect masters of your tracks. In this short video from the course WaveLab 10 101: Mastering Workflows, Steinberg expert Matt Hepworth shows you around MasterRig - WaveLab's dedicated, multi-stage mastering plug-in.

WaveLab 10 101: Mastering Workflows

Matt explores MasterRig's modular design and shows you how to add multiple processors like EQ, compression, saturation and limiting to the chain. In fact there are several versions and types of some of the plug-ins for even greater flexibility. Then, he looks at the bundled presets - genre-specific setups designed by experts available at the click of a mouse, and tests out a few of them to give you an idea of what you can do to improve your mastering skills. Check out the rest of the videos in the course for a complete guide to WaveLab 10!

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