WaveDNA Updates Liquid Rhythm to Version 1.3

We've barely had time for the haze of New Year to pass and WaveDNA have released version 1.3 of their beat/rhythmic generation software, Liquid Rhythm. Check out the new features below.  

WaveDNA is excited to announce a major feature-packed update to Liquid Rhythm and Liquid Rhythm Intro, featuring workflow improvements and a set of entirely new tools to expand Liquid Rhythm's toolset in fun and flexible ways.

Major New Features:

  • The BeatForm Shifter - The new BeatForm Shifter is a simple tool designed to work within selected regions to shift BeatForms to either left or right, allowing users to quickly try subtle new variations and experiment with a BeatForm combination. 
  • The BeatForm Tumbler - The new BeatForm Tumbler is a powerful and addictive dial interface designed to tumble through the BeatForms in the BeatForm Palette. Target any part of a beat and make four-bar loops more musical without spending hours manually moving notes.
  • The Velocity Shapers - Liquid Rhythm's velocity controllers allow you to set a random range on velocity over a selected set of notes. Now, you can apply increasing and decreasing velocity

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