Wave Splicer is a Reaktor Blocks Modular Oscillator Combines Samples, Drawn Waveforms And More

Not only is this modular oscillator for Native Instruments Reaktor Blocks insanely powerful, you can also get Matthew Friedrichs' creation for an exclusive $5 discount.  

Wave Splicer is the latest Reaktor block oscillator from Matthew Friedrichs, the builder of the Nouveau Collection. Wave Splicer converges many oscillator formats into one modular experience. The core of the oscillator is a sampler with a built in drawing surface; you can load up any sample from your library then sculpt it further. When a sample is loaded, Wave Splicer will automatically normalize and crossfade it. This is very helpful when you are loading in random samples as the crossfade will get rid of any nasty clicks from the looping point of your sample. If you don’t want your sample crossfaded, you can turn off the crossfade later at the press of a button.



Before your sample leaves the oscillator, you can modify it further with an arsenal of sonic tools. This oscillator boasts frequency modulation, phase modulation, hard sync, soft sync, and a magic two knob wavefolder. With smart use of the wavefolder, you can build complex wavetable timbres from basic single cycle waveforms, add saturation and distortion for a classic hardware vibe, or even change the timbre of an FM patch without knowing what an operator is. Just about the only other oscillator you will ever need is another Wave Splicer! This is why Wave Splicer comes packaged with Table Mixer.

Table Mixer is a unique mixer that allows you to take any 8 sources and smoothly crossfade between them to make wavetables from anything. It can mix audio rate sources as well as control rate sources for making wild and unpredictable modulations. You may turn any of the 8 sources on or off and get no awkward gaps in the crossfade. The mixer will sort out any muted sources. This is great for live performance as you can make sounds or modulations more complex over time.

If nothing above has blown your mind, there is one last fact about Wave Splicer. It can be used as an LFO with the longest possible cycle lasting over 291 hours; that’s over 12 days!

Use offer code: askaudio to save $5.00 when you download Wave Splicer.

The download comes with Wave Splicer, Table Mixer, two example ensembles, and one project guide complete with samples and project ensemble.




Nouveau Collection link: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/9997/


Price: $19.99 ($5 discount using code below):

Discount Code: askaudio

Web: https://gum.co/wavesplicer


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