Watch Timo Preece Recording Unusual Spaces in Berlin for Sound Design

If you're a sound designer who loves the idea of capturing sounds from unusual objects and abandoned spaces then you'll really enjoy this video course from Timo Preece where he captures Berlin!  

Taken from his complete video course at Ask.Audio Academy: Sound Design 102: Capturing the Sound of Berlin, this free video tutorial shows how Timo Preece went about capturing sounds and spaces in abandoned building in Berlin.

My words here won’t do this justice. And this one video from the course, while like a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle, is educational and inspiring in equal measure.

You’ll watch how Timo and colleague brought different “exciters” (objects used to strike or create sound from other objects) and utilised them. From empty graffiti cans to bows across an old acoustic guitar. All the sounds are recorded and Timo continually provides expert advice that’ll help you when field recording with sound design in mind.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It’s more than just accompanying Timo on his journey through the underground, abandoned spaces of Berlin. You’ll see how he then uses the sounds and processes them in Ableton Live, though you could use any DAW.

Fascinating course from an excellent trainer. If you’re even mildly curious or interested in the world of sound design this course is well worth watching now!

Watch: Sound Design 102: Capturing the Sound of Berlin

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