Watch Tim Exile Sample IBM Data Centre & Turn Fans into Basslines

What happens if you put Tim Exile inside an IBM Data center equipped with a Zoom audio recorder, laptop, Ableton Push and his range of controllers? Music made from samples from machines of course.  

In this video Tim Exile takes hundreds of raw sounds from what IBM call "the world’s most innovative IT infrastructure". You won't be surprised what happens next if you know anything about Tim... he transforms these captured samples into an original composition.

Many of you won't be a stranger to recording and sourcing found sounds. Sampling interesting sounds instantly is easier now than ever thanks to apps and hardware accessories for our smart phones as well as dedicated audio recorders. Even if you're a veteran at field recording, this video by IBM of Tim Exile capturing raw sounds from their data center is very interesting indeed.

We find Tim Exile very quotable. One such moment from the video he described the exciting times we live in where, "computers can see, computers can hear, computers can think and make. We're at such an early stage of this I don't think anyone really understands the full potential."

Gear-wise? You'll probably recognize a few branded items... at the heart of his setup he's running Ableton Live controlled by Ableton Push 2

IBM want you to RemixIT and are giving you the chance to create your own custom beat:


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