Watch This Real World Behringer DeepMind 12 Video To Hear What It Really Sounds Like

All synth heads among us have been crying out to hear a more real-world example of how the DeepMind 12 really sounds. This 25 minute video shows a prototype of DeepMind 12 in action.  

So you've watched all the teaser videos, been wowed by the sub $1,000 price and can't wait to get hands on with Behringer's DeepMind 12 12-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer. But you want more...? Of course you do. The teaser videos have, true to their name, teased us with well constructed sounds for a matter of seconds.

But, this video via SonicState is a 25 minute overview of all the controls and functions of the DeepMind 12 in action. You'll get to hear it in action in a real-world scenario.

Here's what SonicState say about it: "Studio Stekker at Kytopia in Utrecht. Allert from Sonar Traffic has been working on patches for the DeepMind 12, our reporter Edd, gets an exclusive first look at the new synth."

Due to the nature of the recording it's hard to conclusively figure out how good it sonds, but the interface looks pretty intuitive to navigate which is a bonus as this DeepMind 12 prototype didn't come with a manual.

[Via: SonicState YouTube]

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