Watch This Quick & Informative Tour of Roland's JP-08 Boutique Hardware Synth

Get the lowdown on Roland's recreation of a true classic synth, Jupiter 8, in this fast and easy to follow video on the Boutique JP-08.  

Roland’s Boutique synths are a fantastic way to get the sound and feel of some genuine classics without the hefty price tag that comes with trying to track down an original. In this five-minute video from the full course Roland Boutique 103: JP-08 Explained and Explored, synth expert Rishabh Rajan gives you a quick but comprehensive overview of the interface of this ultra-portable powerhouse synth. 

Walking you through the preset system and single / dual modes, Rishabh goes on to explain how Manual Mode matches the physical controls on the synth’s front panel to the current sound, which is more like working with the original hardware would have been. You’ll then see how to quickly tweak and morph a sound as well as designing a patch from scratch in just a couple of minutes. Check out the other videos in the course to become a JP-08 master!

Watch all videos from this course on the Roland JP-08 in the AskAudio Academy here.

JP-08 Explained and Explored

We’re excited to bring you this course in our continuing exploration of the Roland Boutique Series. The original Jupiter-8 blew the music world away when it was released in 1981. It was everywhere, on tons of tracks, crossing over multiple music genres. And with the release of the JP-08, Roland has again unleashed this classic synth on a whole new generation of music producers and performers.

In this course by outstanding synth instructor Rishabh Rajan you learn much more than just JP-08. That’s because Rishabh dives deep into the history of the classic Jupiter-8 and shows you how this Boutique version re-captures the past and takes you into the future of synthesis at the same time! There's also a section on sound design that id is specific to getting that classic, analog sound! This is your new JP-08 manual, filled with fact's and without the manufacturer's hype!

So learn all more about analog synthesis and the Roland JU-08 in this info-packed, 17-tutorial course!

Watch all videos from this course on the Roland JP-08 in the AskAudio Academy here.


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